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We are longtime LOCAL & CONSERVATIVE Republicans in the style of Ronald Reagan.

You May Ask ‘Why Now?’    Because It Is Time!

What does it mean to be a REPUBLICAN? To us it means having conservative & patriotic principles, a moral compass, and the fortitude to live by them. 
Let us be clear, NORTH IDAHO REPUBLICANS adamantly OPPOSES the national liberal agenda!
We despise the damaging policies of Joe Biden and his entire administration!

We do look to the principles of great Republicans like Ronald Reagan, and our party’s founder, Abraham Lincoln. (see ‘We Believe’ page)
Locally, over the last 10 years the evolution of the local central committee has drifted far away from these guiding Republican principles.
As longtime Republicans were being replaced on the central committee (with Libertarians, Constitutionalists, John Birchers, Re-doubters & Anarchists) the central committee itself began to raise money to attack & wage war against the very Republicans who helped make North Idaho a conservative place.

Many longtime Republicans, who helped build this area & make it the conservative place where other newcomers want to come, have now joined together as NORTH IDAHO REPUBLICANS.
You can think of it this way: NORTH IDAHO REPUBLICANS is a local association, but it is much more like the Grand Old Party (GOP) of Ronald Reagan & Newt Gingrich.
LOCALLY, think about these things, and you can make up your own mind:

Do you like how the Non-Republican Network is trying to destroy NIC?

Or angry & unruly mobs at public meetings?

Non-Republican Network:

Not "Republican" – so who are the real RINO’s (Republican In Name Only)?

Cancel Culture / Political Cult / Intolerance / Libertarian & Constitutionalist (but not Republican)

Anti-democratic, trying to suppress the will of the voters (that is not Republican)

Dishonest tactics to destroy the credibility of their opponents, including ANY Republicans who disagree

Non-Republican Network's Goal of Command & Control of All Voters:

Idaho Freedom Foundation [IFF] is a very aggressive statewide Libertarian (NOT Republican) organization

Some want to be alone to choose the ONLY candidates that can run in the Republican Primary, and ELIMINATE PUBLIC VOTING

‘Primary Candidate Vetting’ is an illegitimate sham, by only 'endorsing' PRE-selected candidates

Some actively ‘encourage’ non-endorsed candidates to drop out, depriving voters of a choice in the primary

Last year, the Non-Republican Network raised nearly a half million dollars:

Money was raised from local businesses who were NOT TOLD the money would be used to:

     Work AGAINST many good Republicans, and try to elect only ‘their’ candidates in the Primary

      TAKE OVER every non-partisan board (hospital, school, highway districts, libraries, etc)

      Help publish the People’s Pen, an insidious & ANONYMOUS non-newspaper, which sows fear & discontent

Sadly, Idaho has become a testing ground for the national far right & White Nationalism:

North Idaho is being nationally advertised as a HAVEN for those who distrust the government and rule of law

How far OUT OF BALANCE can Idaho be pushed?

Central committees should NOT be endorsing candidates in the Primary – that is not Republican

The IDAHO Republican Party does NOT "endorse" in the REPUBLICAN Primary & it is forbidden in the bylaws of most other central committees

There are now over 100,000 registered voters in Kootenai County:  over 63,000 REPUBLICAN; 30,000 Unaffiliated; 10,000 Democrat.
We have heard from so many Republicans that “the Non-Republican Network does NOT represent me as a Republican”.
It is time for the local Republican “silent majority” to once again let their voices be heard.
NOW is the time for longtime real Republicans to come together before the Non-Republican Network can inflict more damage to this area we call home.
Signed: The 84 Longtime Local Republican Founding Members of NORTH IDAHO REPUBLICANS
“The future doesn’t belong to the fainthearted; it belongs to the brave.” Ronald Reagan
To ensure that the future Republican Party stands for the traditional Republican values of supporting
our democratic republic, families, economic prosperity, personal responsibility, honesty, hard work & education.
We will be known as a dedicated group passionate about maintaining a big tent under which people in North Idaho from all walks of life come together to fight every day for a strong Republican Party.
Strategic Objectives
To provide an organized place of engagement for lifelong local Republicans, and to proactively engage, educate & embrace the new people moving to the area.

To provide a welcoming place of engagement for local Republicans

A local movement with old-fashioned honest GOP values

A group to attract & associate with other people who want good, conservative government

Longtime local Republicans who are concerned about growing cancel culture & forms of extremism

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