PO Box 1865 Coeur d’Alene, ID 83816
We are longtime LOCAL & CONSERVATIVE Republicans in the style of Ronald Reagan.
We made IDAHO the CONSERVATIVE PLACE where newcomers now want to live
We are the
North Idaho Republicans
you can trust
To ensure that the future
Republican Party stands for the bedrock CONSERVATIVE values of supporting
our democratic republic, families, economic prosperity, personal responsibility, honesty, hard work & quality education.
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Republican association of LONGTIME Republicans,
a local gathering with traditional CONSERVATIVE values ....
North Idaho Republicans PAC 
[NIR PAC] is built for ACTION!

To provide an organized & welcoming place of engagement for local Republicans
A dedicated group passionate about maintaining a big tent under which people in North Idaho from all walks of life come together to fight every day for a STRONG Republican Party
To proactively engage, educate & embrace Republicans – longtime locals & new arrivals
To ensure that the future Republican Party stands for the CONSERVATIVE ideals of supporting freedom & democracy, families, economic prosperity & quality education – and not the politics of division & personal destruction
To routinely provide accurate, honest & relevant information
A forum to educate local Republicans regarding sound public policy & to foster positive civic activities
To encourage local citizens to be more actively involved & engaged in their government at all levels
To be informed on local, state & national issues; to be willing to speak up & stand out; and to ensure VOTERS keep the power to choose their elected officials
To be a force for good in our communities, state & country
A group of longtime Republicans who are concerned about any form of extremism and choose to ELECT those who want GOOD, HONEST, CONSERVATIVE government!
What We Stand For
We are longtime Republicans because we OPPOSE the national liberal agenda and we EMBRACE:
1st & 2nd Amendments
Balanced Budgets
Secure Borders
The Constitution
Reagan’s Big Republican Tent
Energy Independence
Quality Education
Rule of law
Strong military


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